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A new type of fastener with special properties

2021-03-07 21:15:00 662

Forging fasteners were first successfully developed by the United States. By the early 1960s, countries such as Europe and Japan successively applied and developed this type of scaffolding. It has the characteristics of simple assembly and disassembly, good load-bearing performance, safe and reliable use, etc., and its development speed is very fast. Among all kinds of new scaffolding, mobile scaffolding is the earliest development and the most used. In Europe, America, Japan and other countries, its use accounts for about 50% of all kinds of scaffolding. Since the end of the 1970s, our country has successively introduced and used this kind of scaffolding from Japan, the United States, the United Kingdom and other countries.

The reasons for the high temperature of the corner fasteners are: the quality of the lubricating oil does not meet the requirements or deteriorates, the lubricating fastener manufacturer's oil viscosity is too high; the mechanism is too tight (insufficient clearance); the flat corner fastener device is too tight; the corner fastener The seat ring rotates on the shaft or inside the shell; the load is too large; the corner fastener connecting frame or the rotating body is broken, etc.

The sealing of SUNTHAI fasteners can be divided into two types: self-sealing and external sealing. And enhance the ability to resist vertical and degree effects. The outer frame of the working layer is covered with scaffold boards and toe boards. In order to meet the requirements of high temperature, high speed, high load, corrosion resistance and radiation resistance, it is necessary to develop a series of new fastener steels with special properties.

In order to maintain the original performance of construction fasteners in good condition for as long as possible, maintenance, inspection and repair are necessary to prevent accidents before they occur, to ensure the reliability of operation, and to improve productivity and economy. Maintenance should be carried out regularly in accordance with the operating standards of the mechanical operating conditions. The content includes: monitoring the operating status, replenishing or replacing lubricants, and regular disassembly inspections. As the maintenance items during operation, there are the rotating sound, vibration, temperature, lubricant state and so on of construction fasteners.

If the construction fasteners are used correctly, they can be used until the fatigue life is reached. However, there may be accidents that are prematurely damaged and cannot withstand use. This early damage, as opposed to fatigue life, limits the use of qualities called failures or accidents. It is mostly caused by careless installation, use, and lubrication, foreign objects invaded from the outside, and insufficient research on the thermal effects of shafts and housings.