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Cast steel fasteners are for better fixing the steel pipe

2021-03-07 21:14:13 627

The use of cast steel fasteners is to better fix the steel pipe and make it stronger. In its application, there are strict regulations on the erection of the vertical pole, so as to ensure the use of the fastener to obtain the best application effect.

When setting up poles, it is strictly forbidden to mix steel pipes with an outer diameter of 48mm and 51mm; for the length of the pole, except for the top step of the top layer, which can be lapped, the joints of the other layers must be connected by butt fasteners; adjacent poles The butt fasteners must not be in the same height and should meet the following requirements: the overlap length should not be less than 1M. When the pole is set up, a throwing brace should be set every 6 spans until the connecting wall is firmly installed. Can be dismantled according to the situation.

In the construction industry or in the construction of commercial stage booths, we will use scaffold fasteners with strong bearing capacity, better anti-falling and anti-rust ability and light weight. The choice of scaffolding fasteners is to ensure stronger anti-falling and anti-rust capabilities, so we need Choose a high-quality fastener. Each manufacturer provides various types of fasteners, and all of them are of national standard. Of course, the requirements for the use of various types of fasteners will vary, but the overall purpose of presentation is definitely Ok.

The solidification method of scaffold fasteners can determine its quality. Therefore, different scaffold fastener manufacturers will adopt different methods. The temperature gradient of scaffold fasteners affects the solidification method. When the temperature range of alloy crystallization is constant, the width of the solidification zone depends on Regarding the temperature gradient of the inner and outer layers of the casting, the smaller the temperature gradient, the wider the solidification zone. Because the temperature difference between inside and outside will be relatively large, the cooling is fast, and the solidification zone will be narrow.

It is required to implement rapid solidification at the thick and hot spots formed by the structure of cast steel fasteners, and artificially create the basic balance of the temperature field throughout the cast steel fasteners. Then, reasonable process design is very important. The inner runner is located at the place where the cast steel fastener is opposite the wall. It is many and scattered for several hours, so that the molten metal that enters the thick wall first can be solidified first, and the thin wall After solidification, basically achieve equilibrium solidification everywhere.