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Cast steel fasteners can guarantee no deformation during use

2021-03-07 21:15:28 733

Cast steel fasteners have safety advantages, quality advantages, and brand advantages. The rental of high-quality fasteners saves worry and effort, and the rental income exceeds the rental of inferior iron fasteners. Its use ensures that the steel pipe and the fasteners are in a state of mating surface. The large area overcomes the shortcomings of point or line fit between the cast iron fastener and the steel pipe, and eliminates the hidden danger of the steel pipe slipping. Compared with ordinary steel plate stamping fasteners, due to the different production process, it breaks through the traditional stamping process’s limitation of material thickness and reaches 5 mm. It can completely ensure that there is no deformation during use, thereby ensuring the safety and repetition of the product. Use effectively.

Scaffold fasteners are generally low-viscosity base oil suitable for low temperature and high speed; high-viscosity base oil is suitable for high temperature and high load. Different brands of smoothing grease cannot be mixed. Even the same thickening agent's smoothing grease will have a bad influence on each other due to different additives. The smooth grease is made of base oil, thickener and additives. The functions of different types and different trademarks of the same type are very different, and the allowable rotation limit is different.

The annealing operation of cast steel fasteners is to heat the workpiece to an appropriate temperature, adopt different holding times according to the material and workpiece size, and then perform slow cooling. The purpose is to make the internal structure of the metal reach or close to the equilibrium state, and obtain good process performance and use Performance, or preparation for further quenching. Fastener cooling is an indispensable step in the heat treatment process, and the cooling method varies from process to process, and the main thing is to control the cooling rate.

The use of scaffold fastener manufacturers' products is to better fix the steel pipe and make it stronger. In its application, there are strict regulations on the erection of the pole, so as to ensure the use of the fastener to obtain the best application effect.

When setting up poles, it is strictly forbidden to mix steel pipes with an outer diameter of 48mm and 51mm; for the length of the pole, except for the top step of the top layer, which can be lapped, the joints of the other layers must be connected by butt fasteners; adjacent poles The butt fasteners must not be in the same height and should meet the following requirements: the overlap length should not be less than 1M. When the pole is set up, a throwing brace should be set every 6 spans until the connecting wall is firmly installed. Can be dismantled according to the situation.